Recommended Course of Study

College Preparatory or academic directed students must follow a course of study recommended by most four year colleges. The high school units suggested are as follows:
     College Prep English              4 yrs.
     College Prep Math                 3 yrs. (Alg. I, Alg. II, Geometry)
     Laboratory Sciences              2 yrs. (Lab. Bio., Chemistry)
     College Prep Social Studies    3 yrs. (US I, US II, World History)
     Foreign Language                 2 yrs.
     Academic Electives                2 yrs.

A grade of “C” is the minimum that most colleges/universities will accept as being proficient in a particular course of study. A student enrolled in an Advanced program is responsible for maintaining college acceptable grades within his/her high school curriculum. Therefore, a student must maintain at least a “C” in an advanced class (math and science, especially) to move into the next sequence of study.
                                         Lab. Bio. to Chemistry I
                                         Algebra I to Geometry


The course grade is part of a uniform grading system which must be employed by all teachers. This grade represents a composite statement reflecting various features of student performance such as, test and quiz scores, homework assignments, class work, book reports, term papers or other research projects, class projects and activities.

A student and his/her parent/guardian have the right, at all times, to know what grades their child(ren) has earned and upon what basis the grade was derived. Due process involving the student, parent/guardian, teacher(s) and other appropriate school personnel will be observed in solving a disagreement on a course grade(s). Grades will be reported in a numeric format to facilitate computation of class rank and college applications. The following scale will be used in determining student achievement and progress in each course:
                                          A = 90-100
                                          B = 80-89
                                          C = 70-79
                                          D = 65-69
                                          F = 64 or below
The lowest grade in the first three marking periods is a grade of 55. A grade lower than 55 may be given in the fourth marking period, with the exception of health classes, where a student may receive a grade lower than 55 during any of the four marking periods.

Honor Roll

Outstanding academic achievement at Overbrook Senior is recognized at two levels: The “Principal’s” Honor Roll requires all “A’s” in all subjects taken. The “Regular” Honor Roll requires “A’s” and “B’s” in all subjects. The Honor Rolls are posted at the end of each of the marking periods. Letters and certificates are sent to each Honor Roll student. 

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