Early Childhood Education

Pre School 4 Year Old Program

Pine Hill Public Schools offers a supportive full day learning environment which is created through the interaction of the indoor and outdoor physical environment, the instructional materials, furnishings, interpersonal relationships (adults with children, adults with adults and children with children) and daily routines. It is within this supportive environment that each child's optimal development takes place. The child's development in the four domains - social, physical, cognitive and emotional - is being supported, sustained, extended and enhanced primarily through activities which promote purposeful play. While the adults provide the conditions and the materials that influence how the child plays and extend the activity so that more sophisticated levels of interaction and expression are realized, it is the child who determines the roles and the rules shaping the play. The district uses Creative Curriculum as its main focus for these children.

Kindergarten - Grade 5
The Pine Hill Public Schools K-5 curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards. These standards, with emphasis on building a strong foundation, specify the knowledge students should acquire and the skills they should develop in the course of their K-5 experience. To demonstrate proficiency and accomplish this, benchmarks have been developed at grades 3, 4 and 5. The ASK 3,4,5 assessment is administered to evaluate student progress. All 3rd through 5th grade students are required to take the state assessments.

Grades 6-8 Pine Hill Middle School
As students progress through the grade levels a continuum of standards and skills are developed. These are aligned with the NJ Core Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Children during this block of time are introduced to a more departmentalized program. The expectations are much higher at this level as students are asked to think critically in all content areas. The children will be assessed using district benchmark assessments and state tests in grades 5 through 8. These assessments will be used to evaluate the progress of each student as they work through the grades.

Grades 9-12 Overbrook High School
Overbrook High School affords our students the opportunity to excel in preparation for the future. The school offers Advanced Placement, Honors and College Prep courses concurrently meeting the needs of "all" students. Each student is required to pass the rigorous High School Proficiency Assessment in grade 11 as well as 120 required course credits to graduate. All courses at the High School are aligned with the NJ State Standards and the Common Core State Standards.


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Early Childhood Education
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